About the Poet-A-Thon

Walk-A-Thon = people walking to raise money for a cause
Poet-A-Thon = poets writing to raise money for a cause

The Canberra Poet-A-Thon was held Saturday, 26 September at Tilley’s cafe in Lyneham, ACT to raise money for Canberra Refugee Support. Three poets — Hazel Hall, Moya Pacey and Sandra Renew — were writing, writing, writing.

Canberra Refugee Support is a non-profit organisation located in Weston Creek, ACT. It supports asylum seekers and refugees to settle in the ACT. CRS aims to:

help refugees and asylum seekers to become as independent as possible as soon as possible

It’s not too late to support us?

More information

Website: www.actrefugee.org.au
mail: actrefugee@gmail.com
Twitter: @CRS_Refugee

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