Thank you

We have received a wonderful level of interest in the Poet-A-Thon!

Thank you to everyone who has pledged support to our poets. We raised just over $2000.00.


Brian P
Catherine and Riccardo
Chris F
Chris H
Chris L
David H
David T
Denise and Laurie
Evelyn and Vernon E
Fiona M
Geoff P
Gill S
Helen and Elizabeth
Jan P
Janette P
Janne G
Jeff and Catherine M
Jenny S
Judith C
June F
Kerry P and Marg G
Leigh C and Sue R
Lesley L
Lois M
Marie R
Meg V
Michael T
Penelope C and Nick M
Rebecca F
Rosa, Mary, and Patrick
Rosa O’K
Subhash J
Sue W

Also our warmest thanks to Tilleys for hosting the poet-a-thin and to those who gave donations at Tilleys.

Last update 12.30 pm, 26/9/15.